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4A Molecular Sieve

A common 4A molecular sieve application is dehydrating compressed air. In a desiccant air dryer molecular sieve is regenerated by heating and purging. Regeneration temperatures must be 400° to 600° F, but are not to exceed 1000° F. The degree of regeneration depends on the temperature reached in purge. Molecular sieve is often used as a polishing layer in air dryers to reach dewpoints of -120° F.

The pore size for 4A molecular sieve is 4A. It is mainly used to adsorb
water, methanol, ethanol, sulfureted hydrogen, carbon dioxide, ethylene,
propylene, does not adsorb any larger molecular than 4A, and often used
as desiccant in industrials.

4A Molecular Sieve Features

  • Dewpoints Down to 100° F. and Lower: molecular sieves are often used as a polishing layer in molecular sieve dryers to achieve dewpoints down to -120°F. Molecular sieve is the most effective desiccant for low inlet, relative humidities, generally below 30-35% RH.
  • Uniform Size = Low Pressure Drop in a packed bed, molecular sieve provides a low pressure drop which minimizes channeling and maximizes utilization of the whole drying capacity of the compressed air dryer tower.
  • Round Smooth Beads/Low Abrasion: Round and smooth beads contributes to a low pressure drop. Low abrasion means less dusting, migration / attrition and longer desiccant life.

4A Molecular Sieve Typical applications
1) Deep drying of air, natural gas, alkane and refrigerant
2) Generation and purification of argon
3) Static dehydration of electronic element, pharmaceutical and unstable materials
4) Desiccant for paint, dope and foul etc.

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